Innovative Energy and Information Technologies LTD (IEIT) provides a vast range of business consultancy and innovative support services mainly in the sectors of Energy and Information Technologies. IEIT is based in Hi-Tech Park IZOT in Sofia, working mainly with European companies and organizations.

The business energy and information technologies consultancy specialists have many years of experience and unique expertise in power generation, transmission and distribution networks, smart energy, designing and implementing wholesale energy markets, distributed energy resource technologies, energy efficiency, software development and applications.

The IEIT team members have also experience in national and European research and innovation actions projects both as partners and as leaders of demonstration pilots.

The company has a high sense of responsibility towards its customers and partners and its main objectives are: (a) the design, development and delivery of innovative energy and information technologies services and products and (b) the implementation of research and development projects in the field of power systems, energy and software development.