IEIT is providing consulting and technology integration services to power service providers to manage power distribution and smart grids with continued focus on reducing cost and ensuring reliability. With digitization of the entire power management process, IEIT help energy stakeholders manage both the supply side as well as the delivery side of the grids. Smart grids help manage fluctuating demands and manage distribution accordingly, further failure is minimal in case of smart grids due to efficient tracking mechanism.

IEIT assist technology providers to integrate smart grid solutions in the SEE transmission and distribution grids. IEIT expertise in smart grid and renewables can help create a reliable grid and a secure supply of renewable resources. IEIT has experience working with power sector companies and regulators on policy and grid systems, including renewable energy integration, transmission studies, and demand management policy initiatives.


Globally, balancing energy costs and environmental responsibility pose great challenges for industries, developers and authorities alike. IEIT’s energy transition know-how, with deep multidisciplinary expertise in solar and wind power, energy storage, heat recovery, thermal comfort, process optimization and more, make us an ideal partner to achieve your most ambitious energy efficient solutions.

From expert consulting to audits to rapid solution implementation, all our engineering studies fit with the view that energy efficiency optimization and sustainable development are inseparable aspects of all energy related projects. Listening closely to understand customers’ needs and constraints from the start, we can take every step of the way. IEIT key services and Competencies in Energy Efficiency are:

  • Feasibility Studies supporting all project development phases
  • Energy Audits & Due Diligence
  • Energy MasterPlans
  • For energy intensive production processes, distribution investment planning, energy efficiency in buildings and heat distribution networks
  • Energy Efficiency Consulting for Financial Institutions and governmental bodies
  • Eco-districts & Smart Grids
  • Combining energy master plans, mobility studies, renewable energy and city dashboards
  • Assistance in obtaining certification (BREEAM, LEED, HQE, ISO 50001 etc.)
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Energy Performance Contracting assistance
  • Energy Efficiency Project Development


Whether it’s solar, geothermal, biomass or wind power, an investment in renewable green energy is a long-term commitment. From small residential to major commercial installations, IEIT has vast experience with renewables in the South East Europe. Expert teams evaluate technology options and financing alternatives that minimize risk and maximize return on investment, thus IEIT can provide:

  • Renewable energy solutions that increase energy security and independence, while reducing long-term energy costs and environmental footprint.
  • Complete array of services, including design, engineer, install, maintain and operation of renewable energy systems.
  • Mission-critical services performed by trained technical experts, dedicated to reliable building operation and reducing costs.


IEIT is providing energy stakeholders tailored, technically grounded analysis and objective guidance in an increasingly complex energy market. IEIT’s expert team:

  • Enable insights into energy markets and complex regulatory environment
  • Deliver sustainability plans, assess corporate sustainability strategies, and mitigate environmental risks
  • Provide with expert advice on procurement strategies in the energy markets in national or regional EU level.
  • Compose technical analysis to support energy policy positions
  • Develop CBA approaches and modeling
  • Electricity price forecasting in diverse market structures


Cybersecurity solutions for critical energy infrastructure are imperative for reliable energy delivery. In today’s highly connected world, with an increasingly sophisticated cyber-threat, it is unrealistic to assume energy generation, transmission and distribution systems are isolated or immune from compromise.

In IEIT, Cybersecurity for the modernized grid is bringing together three communities that until recently have spoken different languages. Information technology (IT) speaks the language of computers and networks that support utility business administrative processes. Operational technology (OT) speaks the language of electronic devices with embedded operating systems streamlined to support energy delivery functions, and operational networks. Power Systems technology (PST) leveraging the knowledge of electricity generation transmission and distribution in the context of liberalized market transactions. In IEIT, PST, IT and OT expertise is provided independently or converge their efforts to develop tailor-made cybersecurity protections for OT systems and security of supply.

IEIT’s cybersecurity team is providing utility companies across Europe with site assessments to evaluate existing security controls, identify gaps, and offer prioritized action items to improve organizational protocols. The team is also helping energy-sector companies that specialize in wind, solar, smart buildings, electric vehicles, energy storage, and other distributed energy resources (DERs) to improve system- and device-level cybersecurity through product evaluation, DER security standards expertise, and technology Research & Development.


Big Data Analytics enables the rapid extraction, transformation, loading, search, analysis and sharing of massive data sets. By analyzing a large, integrated, real-time database rather than smaller, independent, batch-processed data sets, Big Data Analytics seeks to quickly identify previously unseen correlations and patterns to improve decision making. Although it is related to traditional Database Management and Business Intelligence systems, Big Data Analytics dramatically increases the ability to process data in four major ways:

  • Volume: moves beyond terabytes to petabytes and exabytes
  • Velocity: enables real-time insights and actions
  • Variety: analyzes everything from click-stream data to video streams
  • Variability: manages changes in data formats and information fields

The results help managers better measure and manage the most critical functions of their business.

ΙΕΙΤ provides a full range of services in Big Data Analytics. Starting by identifying significant business opportunities that may be enhanced by superior data, IEIT develops a complete business implementation plan for Big Data Solutions, identifying cost-effective information sources, finding true patterns of causality and translating analytic insights into actionable business information, establishing guiding principles such as data privacy and security policies, Testing/learning,/sharing/refining data models and structures to provide tangible results and added value.


IEIT’s experienced team of engineers and scientists provide evaluations of electrical transmission and distribution systems, including analyses of power flow, voltage drop, short circuit, arc flash, electrical coordination, power quality, system adequacy and load/RES forecasting. Evaluations of primary transmission and distribution systems typically include assessments of future system needs and a geographical information system (GIS) mapping and modelling of the electrical system.

IEIT’s approach to these rigorous studies is simple: focus on the most critical questions, identify or develop the best data and tools to apply, perform precise analysis, and finally, develop technically supported and inventive insights that are concise and actionable.

We help energy stakeholders to keep pace in today’s dynamic environment by offering a wide range of services in the areas of power transmission and distribution to participate in energy markets with the respective financial analysis. IEIT’s clients in this area include TSOs, DSOs, utilities, asset owners and developers, non-governmental organizations, and large consumers of electricity. These clients seek out our services to help them develop strategies, and identify, plan, and execute investments while considering and quantifying relevant risks and opportunities. 

We maintain a suite of analytic tools that are used for these power system studies, some of which include:

  • Production cost modeling and Power flow modeling tools
  • Energy storage CBA tools for studying project revenues from dynamic energy and ancillary service markets;
  • System adequacy assessment and load forecasting for short, medium and long-term horizon
  • Project economic models for performing custom cash flow analysis for generation, power, and transmission project analysis
  • Market exposure analysis tool used to structure and improve energy hedging decisions;
  • GIS modelling and mapping tools for pricing, generator siting, transmission and distribution analysis
  • Rate analysis models to analyze dynamic tariff rates and their impact on customers
  • Custom coding and data management tools that capture, analyze, and otherwise process large sets of data and results
  • Generator interconnection studies for transmission impacts, testing multiple locations
  • Generation curtailment and transmission congestion assessments through production cost modeling